About us


SIS COOP is an agriculture credit cooperative, registered under the Bulgarian Law on Cooperatives.

SIS COOP is a cooperative that operates on the basis of union of individuals, who are pooling production and resources in order to acquire better outcome following the concept of economies of scale;

SIS COOP is specialized in identifying the needs of its members- agricultural producers, livestock breeders and artisans and supporting their activity by granting loans that comply totally with their production cycle;

Target clients of SIS COOP are all micro- and small entrepreneurial producers, who have clear idea about their business and plan for development of their activities;

We have 26 regional offices and more than 40 representatives and agents;

We offer innovative loan products, which are up to members’ specific needs and comply with the new 2014-2020 Common agricultural framework of the Bulgarian ministry;

The management team of the cooperative consists of experts with wide experience in the field of agriculture, livestock breeding, projects development and insurance.